Find Yourself First

Find yourself first.

Find what keeps you up all night. Find what you’re like with no sleep. Find what you can’t stop thinking about.

Find what makes your smile wider. Find what makes your heart happy. Find what makes your head spin.

Find what drives you crazy. Find what makes you mad. Find what makes you want to punch a wall. Find what you can’t stand.

Find what makes your heart ache. Find what makes tears stream down your face. Find what makes you choke up. Find what you’re like when you’re broken.

Find what makes you jump around like a 5 year old. Find what makes you laugh until your stomach hearts. Find what makes your eyes glitter.

Find what fuels you when you’re close to giving up. Find what motivates you. Find what drives you to work harder.

Find what leaves you speechless. Find what fills your heart with love. Find what inspires you. Find what makes you feel alive.

Find yourself first.


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