To The Boy Who Broke My Best Friend’s Heart

Did it make you happy? Did it make you happy to see tears streaming down her face? Did it make you happy as you led her on for months, only to break her heart in the end?

You know I tried to give you a chance. I really tried. The romantic in me was always hoping that you could change for good. That the bad boy would become good… just for the girl. Yet you never failed to disappoint me. Did you even love her? Did you really care about how she felt when you played her with your twisted words and your sick games? Did you even bother asking her about her favourite colour, her biggest dreams or her deepest fears?

You’re a coward and you never deserved someone as incredible as her. She deserves someone who treats her with all the love and respect in the world. She deserves someone worthy of her love.

So don’t even think of crawling back to her. In fact, get out of her way because I’ll promise you one thing: She will rise up, stronger, wiser and braver than ever before. You think you destroyed her? Honey, you never had that kind of power to begin with. She is going build an empire and achieve so much in her life. And you know what? She’s going to be incredibly happy doing all of it.

As for you? I will always be there for you and I wish you all the luck in the world… Just kidding, go fuck yourself.


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