To The Stranger At The Airport

Your dark eyes immediately caught my attention. I was mesmerised by how focused you were, as you gazed at the people sitting around you. You stood out to me because you were the only person who sat so patiently and peacefully, without needing to pull out your phone, watch a movie on your laptop or even buy a cup of coffee.

I watched you watch the airplanes from the giant glass window on your left. I was fascinated by how you were perfectly content with spending your time staring out the window, watching airplanes take off and land on a cloudy Monday night.

Our eyes met for a split second, and I quickly looked away, embarrassed. I wish I had the courage to smile and tell you that I liked the fact that your shirt was the same shade as your eyes. But instead I looked away because you would’ve been weirded out if I had told you that right?

It’s funny. We’re constantly talking about how today’s world lacks genuine human connection, yet we’re the ones who shy away from it. We’re the ones who look away instead of smiling.


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